The Culture Difference

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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The Difference of Family Culture between China and America
Thesis statement: The difference between Chinese family and American family is typical and it can be demonstrated in different ways. 1. Introduction
2. The difference of family values
3.1 Family structures
3.2 Social status of wife and husband
3.3 The relationship between children and parents
3.4 The attitude about divoce
3.5 The consumption view
3. The difference of educational background
4. The difference of family education
5.6 The difinition of family education
5.7 The aims of education
5.8 The contents and methods of family education
5.9 The main problems of Chinese family education
5.10.1 Parents’ mistake in conception of value
5.10.2 Utopian expectation of children’s education 5.10.3 Brought up by elder generation
5.10 The main problems of American family education
5.11.4 lack of communication
5.11.5 Paying too much attention on happy learning
5. Conclusion

The Difference of Family Culture between China and America
Abstruct: We all know that the culture is totally different between America and China. And family culture is one of the most important aspects of culture differences. This paper studies family culture by means of analyzing the difference of family value and family education, which may help us to know American culture better and provide some helpful suggestions for family education in order to make children grow up more healthy and roundly. Introduction:

2. The difference of family values
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