The Culture and Temperament

Topics: The Culture, Childhood, Psychology Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Influences on Temperament
Temperament is the way a child acts or responds. If we say a child is shy, energetic, or easy-going we are discussing the child’s temperament (Berk 260). When discussing temperament there are a few factors we have to take into account. How do the parents of the child contribute to the child’s reactions? In the early stages of life, children learn to react to different situations according to the way their parents react. In which, a child develops different reactions for different situations. The culture in which the cild is raised also has a direct influence on his or her temperament. There is no culture in the world that is exactly like another. These discrepancies between cultures lead to different temperaments in children. Genetics also play a vital role in a child’s temperament. Gender and other factors can make a child energetic or calm and controlled. Something else we should keep in mind is that temperament may or may not change over time.

Genetic influences can have very drastic influences on a child’s temperament. When they are young, boys tend to be daring and have much energy but also be easily frustrated and irritable. Whereas girls tend to be more timid and controlled (Beck 264). We often hear the argument of boys are better than girls and vice versa, but its all mostly opinionated. Using genetics, we can see that the answer to the argument can be settled by what the preference is for the kind of child a parent wants. Boys will usually be more active and playful and girls will tend to be shy and not as active. Of course there is always the exception, but those will be the general tendencies. However the differences in the two genders won’t become more apparent until their temperament becomes more stable in their childhood years rather than infancy (Berk 265). Once their temperament has become stable in the adolescent years, we can still see these temperament tendencies but other factors are now influencing their...
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