The Cultural Politics of India

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Film Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Culture is the pillar upon which a society mushrooms. It is the ensemble of all that constitutes the everyday life of a state or a society. Every aspect, be it the art, social norms, language or attire, adds its flavor in the making of what is both materialistic and abstract - the thread by which all the components of a society is joined - the aura that we call - Culture. It takes decades and centuries for a culture to flourish and take its shape. A culture develops with human creativity over the years and also by the exchange and intermixing of ideas and way of life across different civilizations.

India is a land of immense diversity. Religions, languages, geographical conditions, socio-economic framework and even ethnicity have always played vital roles in building the culture and the zeitgeist of a region. With revolutions - scientific, social and political - the cultural as well as physio-graphical landscape of the earth has been rolling and changing at tremendous speed. The world, as of today, is smaller than it was for those who lived few decades ago. Internet, media and telecommunications have impacted the world like never before. In such a scenario, where all the cultures of the world interact heavily, the situation is aiding the world to head towards homogeneity of culture in a greater sense. Though such intermixing that would lead the world towards a common culture, is at a preliminary stage...the metropolitan areas of many countries now already look alike from many corners. 

India is a country where media plays a great role in the formation of the mindset of citizens. And Indian Cinema does affect the viewers and make them think & imbibe rationale and theme of inspiring movies. India proudly stands at top position in the number of movies released every year. Bollywood, Tollywood and all other regional language cinemas have now become an intrinsic part of entertainment. Movies that are portrayed may sometimes be based on reality or sometimes...
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