The Cultural Change of Music

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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The Cultural Change of Music
The popular culture of music has changed dramatically over the course of sixty five years. Since this time, new genres of music have been introduced, existing genres have changed, and fixed stereotypes have been associated with certain genres of music. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and is portrayed almost everywhere in first world societies, including on television, radio, at shopping centers, sporting events and in every area of popular culture. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and continues to strive and develop into more and diverse areas of culture. The advancement of technology has had a major role in changing the culture of music since 1945. With the invention of television and advancement of computers and radio, Music has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Technology has made music part of the day to day life of the average Australian. Music has not only changed technologically, it has also changed diversely. Specific genres such as pop and rap have become a huge part of popular culture, whereas other genres such as rock and blues are not seen as much, and left in the past. Teenagers from the 80’s will have listened to different music to teenagers in the 90’s and the style of music changed again during the twenty first century. Music plays a bigger role in the changing of culture than it may first be perceived. Popular artists from a range of different eras have positively affected other industries such as the fashion industry. Teenagers and young adults are most commonly influenced by the clothes popular artists and celebrities wear. People are also influenced by the behavior and attitude portrayed by people in popular culture, which affects the way that people act and changes popular culture. Music is responsible for the creation and adaptation of various stereotypes and over the years, has been influential in the way people speak, the way people act, what...
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