The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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This paper examines The Cuban Missile Crisis, which took place in October 1962, during the cold war, between United States and Soviet Union and analyses the critical points of the crises from the United States, Soviet Union and Cuba’s points of view. It points out their moves and negotiating styles in order to get in an agreement to end this crisis that could have almost turned to a total nuclear war. This confrontation of the two powerful countries put the world in danger; however, after intensive and long negotiations, the disagreement has been solved between the parties.

The major parties concerned by The Cuban Missile Crisis are United States, Soviet Union and Cuba. Turkey, United Nations, NATO, France, Britain and Italy are the other parties which took part indirectly inside the crisis. Before the crisis occurred, Fidel Castro was in charge of Cuba. United States was not getting on well with him and trying to destroy the communist regime in Cuba, there were also some attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro by United States, besides, United States was suspending quota on Cuba. On the other hand, Soviet Union had good relationships with Cuba, they had some economic and trade agreements which helped Cuba to have economic independency from United States to some extent, moreover, Soviet Union were establishing a military basis in Cuba. In my opinion, establishing a military force by Khrushchev very close to United States was the critical move which triggered the crisis.

From the United States point of view, the interests were as follows; to get rid of the threat of the weapons close to them, to terminate The Cuba’s communist regime, and to gain the control over its local area and over the world, in contrast, Soviet Union was aiming to dispose of the Jupiter missiles located in Turkey and Italy, to increase its power in the world’s political area, supporting Cuba in order to maintain its regime, which contradicts with its rival United States. On the other...
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