The Csi Effect

Topics: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic science, CSI effect Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Running head: THE CSI EFFECT

The CSI Effect
Kelly Einan
Kaplan University


November 23, 2011

The CSI Effect

On a cold rainy day, I was flipping through my 800 channels, when I found a marathon. It was about 9:00am. We don’t have many of those days in Phoenix, Arizona. So I grabbed my grandmother’s quilt that she had worked so hard on, wrapped myself up, and brewed another cup of tea, with lemon and honey.

As I sat glued to my television set, morning grew to afternoon, then to sunset, and finally into evening. I was hooked. I found myself watching episode after episode of NCIS, and never thought that the “Miami Vice” guy from the 80’s could actually come back and really become an actual FBI agent! I also knew that I wanted to do whatever it took to have a job just like Abby. She is so smart and unique. The best part is…they always figure it out, no matter what, and just in the knick of time!

As for the fact and fiction part of this show, I realize that this is Hollywood. Anything is possible in Hollywood, but I tried to find information on whether or not the information presented in the show was actually accurate. Through my research, I did not. Although I did find that there is an actual NCIS that does exist and they are doing episodes on the ID Channel of actual cases that happen, thirteen of them to be exact. So I feel in order to keep myself from falling into the NCIS effect, I will probably view those, just to be safe.

Although I have never watched CSI, I found it amazing to see that over 30 million people view it nightly, which also would explain why the “CSI effect” is quite controversial. The CSI effect, also known as the CSI syndrome [1] and the CSI infection,[2] is any of several ways in which the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation influences public perception. (Wikipedia, n.d.)

Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise,...
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