The Crush Short Film

Topics: School, Marriage, Climax Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Literature assignment no.1
The Crush – Oscar Winning short film

The short film begins in a class of a primary school. There is a teacher – Miss Patty Purdy, who is giving her pupils some assignment to prepare for next class. Among those pupils, there is a boy named Ardal – the main character of the film. He’s looking at his teacher with a loving gaze, which reflects the fact that he has a crush on Miss Purdy. After the class, when all of his classmates have already gone out, he comes to his teacher and give her a toy ring, which demonstrates his affections and is considered as “engagement”. Miss Purdy is so surprised and really appreciates that. In the evening, while having dinner, he asks her mom about the time when she was married his dad. When he comes back to his room, he writes: “Marry Miss Patty” in his ten-year planner book, by which we can see that he’s really serious about his crush. The film continues with a momentum, with the rising action: while shopping with his mom, Ardal meets Miss Purdy, who happily explains that she’s just been proposed with a real-engagement ring on her finger by her boyfriend named Pierce, and she’s going to get married, which really upsets Ardal. Pierce appears to be a jerk, when he refuses to take her for lunch to celebrate the engagement, and insisting on going to a football match. This is the reason why Ardal changes his attitude towards Miss Purdy in the next day at school. The problem becomes even worse when Ardal sees his dad putting a gun carefully in the closet, and he is so comtemplating his options while starring at that closet. One day, after his class, Ardal comes to see Pierce when he is impatiently waiting for Miss Purdy outside of the school and tells him not to marry Miss Purdy, but all he gets is just the treatment as a small kid for him from Pierce when he says to Ardal that: “She said that you were too short”. But Ardal still insists on his decision when he says that he wants a duel – to the death with...
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