The Cruise essay

The Cruise

It was December 2002 I went on my second cruise to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and The Virgin Island. It was a trip to celebrate my parent’s 16th anniversary on Christmas day. We traveled down to Miami from where we stayed in Winter Springs, Fl. We got on the ship called Carnival. It was a week cruise. The carnival was a big beautiful red white and blue ship. It had a swimming pool, gym, club, all you can eat buffet and more. As we went to our rooms we were toured around the boat. At night you had the option to go to the all you can eat buffet or go to the formal dinner. We went to the formal dinner one night out of the seven nights, because we didn’t like it very much. As, we cruise along making our first stop you can see the big oceans and the gray baby dolphins swimming in the ocean some look as if they were close to the boat.

Our first stop was the Bahamas. The moment my toes touch the sand and my gaze met the water, i know we were in The Islands of the Bahamas. It’s the comfortable ease and the instant sense of belonging that made me knew I would enjoy being there. The second stop was Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was also warm but it was a bit of a challenge. Being an American it was hard for me to understand some of the people there because the spoke mostly Spanish, English was their second language. So, I did the best I can do to make them out and enjoy the time of being there. I remember taking a few pictures on a hill top in front of the ocean. Between the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, I learned a lot of things, tasted the different foods and smelled the outside; they outsides mostly smell like food and water.

Finally, the last stop was the Virgin Islands which consist of St Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. This place was very interesting because they drive on the left side of the word instead of the right side like Americans. They also have kind of a Haitian accent the laidback USVI offer sophisticated dining, turquoise waters and quaint...
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