The Cruelty of Bulgarian Orphans

Topics: Shower, Bathtub, Bathing Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Emily Webster-Seely
Bo L. Ljungholm

Written Communications M/W

March 22, 2010

In Bulgaria, hundreds of handicapped children are abandoned each year and put in care homes and in these care homes, the children are often abused and neglected at the hands of their care givers. On a daily basis, the children are ignored and treated more like cattle than children. They are considered lesser beings and are treated that way. These children are in dire need for medical attention but yet, no one seems to notice. The children are starving and possibly on the brink of death, due to starvation. However, the care givers see no wrong in these practices; it simply is how it is.

The majority children that are abandoned usually have no other handicap than their blindness. However, due to lack of audio or verbal stimulation from care givers, children often develop autistic-like behavior that includes rocking back and forth, pulling their hair out and extreme violence to themselves and others. Sadly, most of these children have not, and will probably never speak one word. Due to this lack of communication, the children cannot tell the care givers what hurts, if something is bothering them or even if they have to go to the bathroom. For this last reason, all children wear diapers and the diapers are usually changed 2 times a day. Children that are more disabled than others are sometimes placed on a training toilet and are left there all day. The children sit on these toilets and rock silently, save for the occasional scream if they move and it irritates a sore.

Children are taken to the showers on a weekly basis and given about 5-10 minutes to shower themselves, if they can walk and stand or a care giver will bathe them if they cannot. The main problem with the shower times is the lack of privacy and the staff arrangements during shower times. Children are undressed in their dormitory style rooms and then led the distance from their rooms to the...
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