The Crucibles Monologue: Tituba

Topics: Salem witch trials, God, Apostrophe Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Tituba's Monologue
[Sitting down, eyes closed and hands gathered, praying] "Dear heavenly father, I bow my head down to you now, asking you for your forgiveness. I have committed a grave sin even resulting in someone being executed. I wronged you father and I shouldn't have confessed to having connections with the devil. [Stand up] Who knows now what the results would have been if I was honest and kept to your name until the end. The beatings and all of Mr Hale's questions were just too much for me. In the end I confessed that I had connections with the devil and that he seeks me and comes to me at night, hoping it would all just end. But no, I was wrong, they kept questioning me if the devil came with anyone else. Being confused and terrified at the time, I couldn't take it anymore so I had to name them. It was Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne, being one of the bottom most rungs of society they were an easy target. Having been accused myself I should've know better about how it felt and shouldn't have done it. [Sighs in relief] But after having confessed and seeing Mr Hale believe me and my story, all the fear, pressure and confusion vanished and I could breathe again. Who knew that dancing in the woods would send Salem into chaos. If it weren't for that girl Abigail and her damned obsession with John Proctor, I wouldn't have made the charm in the first place. She just manipulated everyone and played everyone like puppets for her own good. Watching her accuse people without any hesitation sickened me. I only accused people because I was driven by the fear of death. How can people believe all of her stories and think she's as pure as white. Her heart is as dark as the cold night and her conscious is just stained with blood from all of her sins. [Raise voice] How can Mr Parris even call himself a minister? [Stamp foot]He is just as twisted as Abigail and full of lies! He's just a lowly coward who thinks too much of his name and is afraid he'll lose his title...
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