The Crucible Vocabulary

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Word| Meaning | Sentence using one example word|
The Crucible: Intro + Act I Vocabulary
Savor| appetizing| The food critics keeps the food in their mouth for a period amount of time to savor all the flavor from it.| Dogmatically| Strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner| He dogmatically responded to his classmate, which caused him to be sent to the principal’s office.| Indigenous| Native to a certain area| Lewis and Clark needed Sacagawea’s help because she was indigenous to the land west of America.| Orthodox| Conforming to established standards, conventional| Religions are built because of the orthodox views of many people.| Heretics| Contrary to church doctrine or accepted beliefs or standards| The heretics were persecuted because the town didn’t want people with religious beliefs.| Inert| Unable to move or to act, sluggish| His inert attitude is the reason why his roommates do not get along with him.| Sect| group that has separated from an established church| The sect moved to a new colony because of religious persecution.| Innate| Existing from birth, inborn| His innate artistic talents allowed him to gain a scholarship.| Parochial| Limited in range or scope, narrow, provincial| There was traffic because of the parochial roads.| Predilection| preference| Hannah has never has a boyfriend because of her predilection of men.| Ingratiating| To make an effort to gain good favor with someone| After an argument, I tried ingratiating with Bryan so we can be in good terms.| Junta| A group of people who join in running a gov’t| The junta tried to set up a new government in a country that was once an aristocratic country.| Autocratic| A person with unlimited influence and authority| Many countries in Europe are autocratic.| Paradox| Something that appears false or contradictory but it is actually correct| His statement about the sun and the moon is a paradox.| Dissembling| To disguise or to pretend...
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