"The Crucible" Theme Essay

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  • Published : March 12, 2008
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"The Crucible" Theme Essay

Truly courage played an important role in the Salem Witch Trials, and it may have been one of the key reasons the gruesome Salem Witch Trials finally came to its end. The courage shown by people impacted others during this time period by forcing people to acknowledge their viewpoints, which led to the end of the trials. Courage was displayed in three ways, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Emotional courage means showing courage without physical means and being courageous with words and felling. Physical courage means to be courageous with action. Lastly, spiritual courage means to be courageous in the sense that one shows courage in spirit, meaning courage shown indirectly, unlike emotional or physical courage. Emotional courage was the most widely displayed type of courage during the Salem Witch Trials. Several people were emotionally courageous because they didn't have the power to show physical courage and in many cases, emotional courage impacted the society of Salem more powerfully than physical courage. For example, women during this time period had little power, therefore unable to display their courage physically. However, several women showed strong emotional courage. An example of this would be Abigail. Despite being a girl, Abigail was very manipulative, and displayed courage in leading the girls in Salem. An example of this is shown in the text on page 1223 in the text. Abigail says, "Listen now; if they be questioning us, tell them we danced—I told him as much already." This quote shows that Abigail is very forceful, and is showing that she is courageous because she is taking lead of the girls, which is dangerous because if their ruse is found out, she will be the most severely punished for being the leader. Not only did the women show emotional courage, but men did as well. Several men could not act with physical courage against the court of Salem because of its power. Therefore they showed emotional...
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