The Crucible Reflection Essay

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Yessica Castillo
The Crucible
What is someone’s breaking point? I believe it’s when you have no way out of a problem. This seems like Mary Warren had one. Mary became a servant when her mother and sisters died early in her life. She became the Proctor’s servant. She renounced her witch claims after being threatened to be hanged. She had no money and no land. Therefore, forcing her to be a servant. Mary seemed to be a very misled, gullible, and a very fearful girl.

Mary Warren represents some sort of truth in this story. She is the only one that really knows what’s happening in my opinion she’s just too afraid to come out with the truth. All the threats and accusations surround her in great doses. The trials are too much for her to swallow. Mary starts to crack under the questioning in the court. That shows her weakness. Mary is very misled by the people surrounding especially John Procter and Abigail. John tells her to say one thing, “Proctor: You're coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell it in the court. You will tell the court how those poppets come here and who stuck the needle in. Mary Warren: She'll kill me for sayin' that! I cannot, they'll turn on me—“, you can sense Mary’s fear already by her reaction. Abigail tells her to say another. Mary’s confusion shows greatly through the whole play. As the trial goes on her weaknesses come out in the open.

Gullible is another word to represent Mary. She seems to eat whatever they tell her. Mary has problems telling apart good and wrong. Truth and lies, “Mary Warren: That she-- in horror -- she sometimes made a compact with Lucifer, and wrote her name in his black book - with her blood - and bound herself to torment Christians till God's thrown down-- and we all must worship Hell forevermore”, Mary has no proof of this black book and by her reaction you can tell she is not being fully truthful. Mary’s fear transforms anything that Abigail claims true. That is until Abigail turns...
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