The Crucible: Play Summary

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft Pages: 6 (1830 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Ebo Otuya
English 11 Period 3A
December 13, 2012
Act I
The Crucible

1. Yes In my perspective Miller explains what really motivated the people of Salem to accuse their neighbor ,friend ,and relatives of witchcraft because on page 167 paragraph seven the Quote says the parochial snobbery of these people was partly responsible for their failure to convert the Indians. Another quote I found was on the same page same paragraph sentence three and the quote says “At any rate very few Indians were converted and the Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was the devils last presence his home base and the critadel of his final stand”. What these quote means is that the Indians probably converted their hatred to the Salem people or the devil to them. Or the place that they had went to is now a demonic place. I can relate to this because I was always quiet but I moved to a place where people talk and now sometimes I talk to.

2. Abigail and the girls were dancing when reverend parris saw them. On page 170 when parris talks it says “that my daughter and my niece I discovered dancing like heathen the forest”. Another quote I found was “But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest”. The reverend parris thought the girls were worshiping spirits or doing some ritual. I can connect because sometimes I think that my sister is listening to music bad songs but it was good songs.

3. Parris is extremely worried about the evidence of witchcraft being discovered in his own house because his perfect image as Reverend and knowing that he already has enemies does not want to further tarnish his image. On page 170 the sixth parris the quote says “I must know it now for surely my enemies will and they will ruin me with it”. Another quote is on the same page seventh parris and it says “ there is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit”. What both of these quote means is that reverend parris does not anyone to know what his niece of daughter was doing because the people can think he is up to something and that can make him lose his position. I can connect with this because I to have had nieces and they did some bad things and I didn’t want my parents to know what they had done or else I would be in trouble not them.

4. Rebecca nurse thinks that the girls are involved in witchcraft. On page 180 the second Rebecca it says “there is prodigious danger in the seeking of lose spirits. What this means is that the people don’t pray a lot as they use to so now the girls are getting more and more into witchcraft. I can connect to this because I have thought of some people were up to no good so I would always be suspicious of them.
5. Mrs. Putnam is so eager to prove there is witchcraft in the village is because she had vendettas against several families in the community for one reason or another. Mrs. Putnam was trying to get a quick conviction for goody Osborne for personal resentments. On page 180 I got a quote that says “ you think it gods work you should never lose a child not grandchild either and bury all but one”. What she means is that people had kids that probably died and buried only 1 child but kept the body of the other. I can’t make...
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