The Crucible Narrative

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In 1692, in Salem Massachusetts a small group of girls joined together to go in the woods at night to meet a slave woman name Tituba. Tituba is a slave of Reverend Parris. During their meeting all the girls are dancing amongst a fire pit that will be used for collecting material items to be presented for voodoo purposes. Tituba ask each girl to throw in their items into the pot, although young Betty, Rev. Parris daughter is hesitate but later abides and throws in a frog or lizard in some sort. Last to present their item was Tituba, which transpire to disclose a live chicken to sacrifice in the voodoo ritual. All of the girls began screaming their desires to bestow certain gentlemen callers, including that of John Proctor for Abigail Williams. [1]It can be relevant that experiments in 1692 in occult among these young girls were in fact due to their curiosity about their romantic futures.

Reverend Parris abruptly enters the forest and the girls all scuffled about, not to be identified by the local minister including Tituba his black slave. He witnesses girls being naked dancing around a fire as well as the presence of his niece Abigail and daughter Betty. Afraid of being punished, Betty falls to the ground on Abigail crying with dismay, later presuming that she is ill and hoax by spirits. In extremely religious Puritan New England, frightening or surprising occurrences were often attributed to the devil or his cohorts.

As questions arose in the Parris home about the state Betty was ill, it as well arose in the Putnam household with their daughter Ruth Putnam. She too, was one of the young girls seen in the woods that has now fell ill. Rebecca Nurse sits on the bedside of Betty Parris and strokes her head and hands. She says that the child will awaken when she is tired of it. It is then, that individuals are to be accused of witchcraft in Salem and put on trial for these accusations.

Reverend Parris calls a meeting for all the townspeople to attend. Individuals go out to inform the Proctor’s of the meeting and tell them of the accusations being said among the town of witchery. Meeting starts with Rev. Parris saying, “Let us quieting our heart, we are all aware of the spirits of Hell that is amongst us”. Mr. Parris informs them that he has called upon Reverend John Hale to come to Salem, since he is an expert on witchcraft. If Lucifer is among us, he will send it back to Hell, like he did two years ago for Boston. Rebecca disagrees and thinks it would be best that they send Rev. Hale back home and let Salem handle its own issues. John Proctor gets to the meeting just as Rev. Hale arrives.

All the girls leave the towns meeting and go to Betty Parris’s house. Abigail shakes Betty and tells her to awaken and stop this nonsense now. Betty starts yelling for her mother, who actually is dead. Abigail threatens Betty and the other girls and tells them to say they only danced in the woods. Betty tells Abigail that she knew she drank the blood to kill John Proctor’s wife Elizabeth, because she desires for him for herself. She had an affair with John Proctor when she was their servant and was dismissed from her duties by Mrs. Proctor when she became aware of the adultery of her husband John.[2] In Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible he describes John Proctor as being in his middle thirties in 1692 when he was actually was sixty years old. And he also admits that he had to alter the age of...
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