The Crucible: Justice, Evil, and Disorder

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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The Crucible: Justice, Evil, and Disorder

In the Crucible, many things have happened to create the chaos that created the whole fiasco of the Witch Trials of 1692. I have observed that how the public and the justice “crew” took things on a foolish matter. I see that how the people simply just took it to believe people were “witches” just on a simple accusation that that person is a “witch” was simply ludicrous.

The idea of justice in Salem seems to be missing by a great degree. Everyone in the village, well almost everyone, is blind to the truth. People protested against the unfairness and ridicule of the trials yet no one wanted to believe that what is happening is untrue and that in fact “the Devil” has come to Salem and the people were dealing with the Devil.

Miller shows us this when Judge Danforth does not seem to believe anyone, no matter what his or her appeal is. Apparently he did this because of two main reasons. One, he felt that his actions are just, him being a judge. He felt that justice was what is said from the beginning being the accusations and to say that the accusations are a sham is simply ridiculous. Two, we see when Proctor, Nurse and Giles Corey appeal to the judges that the girls are lying how they hesitate to agree with them in fear of their reputations as judges being spotted of injustice and being incorrect.

Miller also uses significant amounts of symbolism in The Crucible. He uses symbolism in the character with significant meaning. Such an example would be how Miller uses suggestiveness to make the people who read the play. Miller shows that the rich people such as Putnam used the trials to their own gain by buying off land of people who got convicted such as George Jacobs. This shows how people who are rich don’t necessarily need to be honest but in fact maybe some of the most devious people around. Miller also uses some irony in his descriptions of people. Such irony would be how Parris is a minister but...
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