The Crucible Essay

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Topic: The title “The crucible”
The title the “crucible” by Author Miller is a metaphor for the witch trial in Salem that manipulates the impure hearts just as the crucible melts impure metal. The crucible was set in the Puritan society where religion was strict and everything; everyone was either belong to god or the devil. People in the Puritan society used that as a tool to gain power and wealth. Throughout the witch trial, many people with impure hearts were manipulated by the overwhelming power of being connected to god and tried to benefit from it but eventually it led to their own destruction such as Abigail, Thomas Putnam and Paris. On the other hand many people with pure hearts were willing to be hanged than named other people such as Giles Corey and John Proctor.

Abigail, Paris and Thomas Putnam hearts were blacken by the power of god but granted by the devil. They accused other of witchcraft in order to benefit from it. Thomas Putnam accused other as witchcraft so he could by off the land while Paris accused other who against him to protect his fame. Unlike Paris and Putnam, Abigail purpose was different. At first she accused other because she was offered a chance to get away with her sin but then she was overwhelm with the new found power ,the power that she never had before, the power that bring her out of the misery life of a Puritan girl who was only a little more than a slave. Abigail’s hatred against Elizabeth filled heart with vengeance which made it vulnerable and easy to be manipulated by the Devil. Giles Corey, an elderly who had many experience in lawsuits. Unfortunately his wife Martha Corey was accused for witchcraft by reading books. Giles Corey tried to safe his wife but he was arrested in a lawsuit against Putnam. The Judge tried to break him in many ways but he refused to name anyone. He was then tortured with a large rock on top of his chest until death but still not a name came out of his mouth except two words “more...
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