The Crucible Essay

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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How far do you agree that John Proctor is a tragic hero?
John Proctor, the main character in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible can be classified as a tragic hero. The term tragic hero was made by Aristotle who was a Greek philosopher that lived between 384BC and 322BC. He said that the main characteristics that a character must have to be a tragic hero is having a noble status, a flaw that will lead to their downfall when they make a mistake, the audience must be able to feel empathy towards the character, and finally the character must face a tragic death with a realization of what they’ve done wrong. John Proctor possesses most of the crucial characteristics, therefore he is a tragic hero.

John Proctor has the first characteristic that is needed to be a tragic hero; having a noble status. Even though John Proctor isn’t very rich, and wasn’t born into a wealthy family, he is still a noble person. His economical status isn’t bad as he has his own fair share of land, he is able to provide for his family, and his social status is also good because he is respected in his community for being a good and fair person and having honourable and righteous qualities. By the end of the play, people who had not previously respected Proctor, started to look up to him, because of his decision to remain loyal to his friends, and that’s how he had even more nobility.

Another characteristic that John Proctor has that makes him a tragic hero, is a tragic flaw that will lead to his downfall. John Proctor is generally a good person that is very respected in the Salem community but his affair with Abigail Williams, leads to his eventual fatal downfall and the downfall of others as a result of his one action. His affair is the only major flaw in his character, and unfortunately it’s probably one of the worst mistakes he could have made. After Proctor told Abigail that “I may think of you softly from time to time, but I will cut off my hand before I reach for you again” (Act1,...
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