The Crucible Character Chart

Topics: Salem witch trials, Working class, English-language films Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Your name: Eduardo PosadaYour character's name: Mary Parker| Conclusions directly Supported by Evidence (state conclusions and provide supporting evidence)| Inference based on Evidence (state your inferences and provide supporting evidence)| Insufficient evidence to answer (check box only)| What was your historical figure’s social and economic status in the Salem community? That is, what did your character do for a living? Was he or she well off? Would he or she be considered educated, upper class, middle class, lower class, poor?| The family of the mother: “The family was apparently of some prominence. Tax records from 1646 showed that John Ayer possessed at least one hundred and sixty pounds, making him one of the wealthiest settlers in Haverhill.”Mary Parker’s father: “By the time he married Mary Ayer, his status was on the rise. It continued to do so during the early years of their marriage as he acquired more land” “The Parkers were a respectable family that continued to root itself in the community” | They were both of very good families, they were wealthy, so this show that they were of the wealthy class of society.| | How old was your character at the time of the trials? Was your character married or single?| “John and Hannah Ayer gave birth to their daughter Mary sometime in the early to mid 1600's” She was 55 years old when she was executed. She was a widow from John Parker.| | | Was your character regarded as a good Christian?| | | X| Was there any gossip swirling about your character?| Yes, “Sara claimed that Mary tortured her on the last day of August as well as "diverse other days and times."” | | | What was your character’s reputation in the community?Did your character suffer from ill health or any other sort of hardship?| Since there were 4 Mary Parkers, the bad reputation of one, became the other’s bad reputation. So they all had a bad reputation because of the Mary Parker sentenced for fornication.| | | Did your...
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