The Crucible and Thesis Statement

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 14 (1932 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Literary Analysis Theme Essay Prompt and Cover Sheet
Do not lose this; you will need to turn it in!

What does Arthur Miller say about one of the following topics through The Crucible? What would the Puritans think about his choices?

Please select one of the topics below:

|Appearance v. Reality |Is this play sexist or fair about gender? | |Human Cruelty in the Name of Righteousness |Compare the characters of Abigail and Elizabeth—how does Miller use each? | |The Idealized v. Scorned Woman |What is Reverend Hale’s change over the course of the play meant to communicate? | |The Role of Sexuality and Sexual Repression |How does the tension between spiritual desires and physical desires shape The Crucible? | |Explain how the title of The Crucible is a good metaphor for |Explain how John Proctor is or is not a hero for today’s reader. | |Miller’s play | |

Remember that these are only topics. In order to be considered a theme, the analytical writer must make a statement about these topics, explaining their relevance to the central meaning of the work.

Points to remember:
1. Your essay must provide an insightful thesis, with thorough explanation. No thesis, no grade.

2. The minimum number of paragraphs is four.

3. Follow the MLA guidelines for typing an essay, which include: • All drafts must be typed
• Double-spaced
• Times New Roman or Arial, Pt. Size 12
• Correct parenthetical citation formatting

4. Body paragraphs must contain a minimum of two pieces of evidence (direct quotation from the text). Puritanism Essay Yes-Test
All items must receive a “yes” in order for your essay to be graded.

1st time pass: no deduction
2nd time pass: 10% deduction
3rd time pass: 25% deduction

A paper that does not pass the yes-test on the 3rd submission will receive a zero.

|Correct MLA page setup and formatting |Yes ( |No ( | |Clearly stated thesis | | | |Essay includes an intro, body, and concluding paragraph(s) | | | |Body paragraphs contain evidence from the text | | | |All in-text citations are included and are formatted according to MLA guidelines | | |

We will have some time in class dedicated to working on these, but you will not be able to finish the whole essay during class time. Grading Rubric
|Traits Represented | | | | | | |Exceeds standard |Meets standard |Progressing to standard |Below standard | |Content |Focus |Maintains exceptional focus on |Maintains consistent focus on|Provides inconsistent focus on |Demonstrates little or no | | |(20 pts) |the topic; has a one sentence |the topic & has a one |the topic & thesis statement is|focus & no thesis statement. | | | |thesis statement that clearly |sentence thesis statement |unclear. | | | |...
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