The Crucible Act 4

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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The Crucible Act 4

Three villains in The Crucible are Ann Putnam, Thomas Putnam and Abigail, each representing the evils of jealousy, greed, and vengeance, respectively. Ann Putnam, an antagonist of Rebecca Nurse, is very jealous of Rebecca. Rebecca has “eleven children and [is] twenty-six times a grandma.” On the other hand, Ann Putnam has “laid seven babies un-baptized in the earth,” and now her one and only child Ruth “walks, and hears naught, sees naught, and cannot eat” because her “soul is taken.” Ann Putnam, jealous and convinced that it’s not “God’s work [Rebecca] should never lose a child, nor a grandchild either, and [she] bury all but one,” charges Rebecca with “the supernatural murder of [her] babies.” Ann Putnam’s husband, Thomas Putnam is also a villain who is guilty of greed–specifically for more land. Thus, he “coldly prompted [his] daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs” who, if hanged, will “forfeit up his property.” When he does, “there is none but [him] with the coin to buy so great a piece.” In short, Mr. Putnam ““[kills] his neighbors for their land.” Another villain is Abigail whose intent is getting a revenge on Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail hates the Elizabeth who she calls “a lying, cold, sniveling woman,” because she is in her way to Mr. Proctor and “she is blackening [her] name in the village.” Also, when Elizabeth dismissed her, she hurt Abigail’s “lump of vanity.” Abigail, planning “to kill [Elizabeth], then to take [her] place,” drank “a charm to kill [her].” All the accusations that Abigail made is nothing but a “whore’s vengeance.” Even though they all represent different evils, Ann Putnam, Thomas Putnam, and Abigail are equally evil, creating troubles for other to benefit themselves.
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