The Crucible

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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The Crucible

In the story The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, it explains a play that involves historical events like witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. This drama is an example of the unjust events that happened, due to the terrible lies that some young girls made up, who were supposedly witchcraft. This was a hard situation for the entire town because of the accusation of witchcraft toward innocent people. In The Crucible, Miller shows us several examples of themes, some interesting themes were man vs. society, man vs. man, and man vs. self-internal.

For instance, the theme man vs. society was present when Abigail and the other girls were found dancing. In act I, Parris asked Abigail to tell the truth and confess that they were dancing, she responded “we did dance, uncle” (Miller p.138). Abigail and the girls were afraid to confess because they would later have to face what the people in town would be commentating about them. In their society dancing was not permitted and was seen as an offense, if a girl danced she was considered a whore or witch. Furthermore, Parris also finds himself facing society, when his daughter does not awake. The people began talking that someone had done witchcraft to her or that she was a witch. Parris found himself facing the people that believed in him and soon he would begin to lose his good perspective and respect. He could not face the people because he knew they would question him about what was going on and he would not know what to respond.

In addition, Elizabeth Proctor and John Proctor also find themselves facing an accusation of witchcraft and this was a serious thing in their town. Abigail accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft supposedly it was her fault that she had a needle stuck in her stomach. This affects John Proctor because ha takes the accusation on him, so they won’t hang his wife who is expecting a child. John knew it was his fault because Abigail only did it to separate him and his wife...
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