The Crucible

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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The Crucible
When viewing the movie of The Crucible, many similarities were found in comparison to the novel. After the ceremony in the woods, Betty was found ill as to her inability to wake. By the time she comes to a wake, Betty begins to plead for her late mother. When she doesn’t get the answer she desires, she tries to “fly” to get to her mother by attempting to jump out the window. I feel as though these scenes were found similar to the novel was because their sense of urgency to find answers and the first questions of witchcraft began to rise. When Abigail was questioned about her dancing in the woods, she blamed all of her acts upon Tituba. Everything Tituba said, Abigail stated was a lie. To stop the accusations and to be saved from death, Tituba admits to act with the Devil. Without this, the witchcraft trials would not have been in existence since the accusations all begun because of the scene in the woods between Tituba and the girls. During the first event of the trials, Abigail was present with the rest of the girls, mimicking one another. This was the first group interaction that got the town really questioning the presence of witches. Also, when Mary Warren gave Elizabeth Proctor the poppet, a needle was discovered in its body, mimicking the same discovery in Abigail’s body. Even with Mary Warren’s confession to placing the needle in the poppet, Elizabeth Proctor was arrested to testify against the attempt in murder of Abigail. I believe this was kept the same as the novel because the viewer begins to realize that whatever Abigail says is believable to the court. Abigail had been dreaming to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor and this was her start. When Mary testified against the girls, stating all of their actions were an act, Abigail, of course, denied it and stated Mary was now lying. Abigail proclaimed she felt a gust of wind, and that there was a yellow bird on the court room pillar. Shrills were cried from the girls as well stating that Mary...
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