The Crucible

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Daniel Foy
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St Thomas More
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Catholic comprehensive school
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Mc Foy
Mc Foy

Analysis of performance

my name is Daniel Foy, I am a 15 year old teenager. I am a member of south mere kayaking boating lake club. I go three times a week to kayaking to become better at my sport and more able to do compete in rough water kayaking competitions etc. I also play football every Saturday and Sunday and do boxing after football on Saturdays. I need to be relatively able and fit to be able to partake in this variety of events. I have breaks throughout the week for my muscles to regain the lost energy etc. I eat healthy foods every week, but I also eat fatty foods and have a take away every Friday, which I know is bad so I’m taking this out of my diet.

I am pretty unfit at this moment in time but have the ability to continue and put in 100% into my physical aspects of sport (football, kayaking and boxing) I sometimes go to the gym to do muscle workouts to increase my muscular endurance.

I am a great lover football and go to Charlton regularly. I love to watch professional football and admire the way they play and what I need to do to get better, to achieve more in the sport. I don’t support Charlton, I support Chelsea but the price range is outrageous, so I decide to go see a cheap local team.

Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. I enjoy the social sides of sports as well as the physical sides of sports. I do football because it’s an enjoyment of mine and I enjoy the competitive aspects of it.

Exercise is an activity done to primarily improve one’s health and physical fitness. I want to change my lifestyle according to weight side of things. I’m relatively overweight but with these changes in my diet plan and life I am looking to improve my fitness with more exercise.

Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment. I need to ensure that i am able to maintain kayaking for long distances and maintain the physical muscular sides of it for as long as possible.

Performance is how well a task is completed. I want to improve my skill level in all three activities, especially kayaking. I want to improve as I kayaker but this will only happen is I train regularly and put the effort in.

Aesthetic appreciation is the ability to gain enjoyment from other people’s performance. I went to the Olympics to see rough water kayaking, where Britain won the gold and the experience as I aspire to be like that in the future.

Test results
Pre 6 week PEP

Below is a table showing my fitness test data and rating based on a scientific research and data. I gained this information from my fitness booklet. This booklet explains in detail all of the test that I have carried out and has my entire test scores recorded.

Health related fitness
Component | test| Average score| rating|
Flexibility | Sit and reach| | |
Muscular endurance| Sit ups in 30 | | |
Strength| Hand grip dynamotor | | |
Body composition | Skincallipers| | |
Cardiovascular endurance | Multi stage fitness test 12 minute cooper run | | |

Component | test| Average score| rating|
Bicep curls| | | |
Shuttle run| | | |
Vertical jumps| | | |
Shoulder press | | | |
Bunny hops| | | |

From these test results I have decided to work on the following components of fitness;
Muscular endurance is the ability to use voluntary muscles many times without getting tired.

Day | Type | Warm up | Main body | Cool down | Evaluation | Monday | Gym | A short jog for 5 minutes and some stretches | Running 250 calories off, Then rowing 1km, then running another 250 calories off| Do a slow jog on the running machine and go down...
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