The Crucible

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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In the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, there are many important characters. However, two of the characters in this novel stand out the most, these characters are Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams. They are basically opposite of each other, which makes their characters vital to the story. Both Elizabeth's and Abigail's roles in the story can be determined by comparing what each women represents, what motivates them, and what they cause in the end. Abigail Williams is the seventeen year old niece of Reverend Parris. Abby is the leader of the girls accused of witchcraft. Her uncle, Reverend Parris, caught her dancing in the woods with Betty, Mercy, Ruth, Mary, and Tituba. John Proctor, a local farmer who lives just outside town, is one of the leading roles. John was determined, sincere and full of integrity. As the protagonist of the play he was also a proud man and he stood for what he believed. Elizabeth and Abigail both really want John Proctor, although Abigail shouldn't because he's married to Elizabeth. Abigail is backstabbing and will do anything to not put the blame on herself. She's young and naive and is totally passion driven. Elizabeth is older and wiser. She tries not to rush into hysteria when something doesn't go her way. She's just more sensible and refuses to let a little "child" like Abigail ruin her or her marriage.

Elizabeth Proctor represents the only good thing left in John Proctor's life. She is an honest women who would never lie to John, although he has lied to her about Abigail. While she is suspicious at times, she will never stop loving him. And that is what she has come to the play to represent, love and honesty. While Elizabeth’s character is quite easy to figure out; Abigail seems to be a lot more complicated. Abigail is a girl who doesn't have many values. She doesn't uphold anything that would constrict her or keep her from doing what she wants to do. Abby would rather lie her way to innocence...
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