The Crucible's Abigal and Mary Warren

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Abigail & Mary Warren

In this essay I will explore the characters of both Mary and Abigail. These two seem to be within the same circle of friends however have to complete different personalities. However with one being a leader and the other a follower they match perfectly.

In the last scenes towards the end of the play we start to see a stronger side towards Mary Warren. She enters the court with intentions of speaking the truth of what happened, to tell the court that they all lied about seeing the devil. However eventually she stops coming across as strong minded and starts to show her real timid side who doesn't like to be ‘left out’ or seen as an outcast.

Whereas Abigail’s character is shown to be very strong minded and conniving she always strives for what she wants. In one of the scenes we see Abigail trying to seduce ex flame Proctor, during this it is clear to see that proctor is indeed finding this hard to keep away however he does manage to stick to No and not retaliating. In the court we see another side to her, where she is fighting for her life and doesn't care who she takes down with her, this is shown by calling out to a big yellow bird as referring to it as Mary, and telling us that this bird wants to destroy her face.

Abigail is portrayed to be a leader, she has her group of ‘friends’ who look up to her and rely on her. This is shown twice throughout the play, the first time is when the girls go to meet her at the beside if Betty and after hearing of witchcraft in town a couple of the girls immediately go to Abby asking for help/advise on what they should say.

On the other hand, Mary Warren is portrayed as a follower. This shows that she is a weak minded person. She always needs someone there to push her or to defend her. This is shown at it strongest when at the last scene in the court, Mary leave the house with proctor with intentions of telling the courts the truth and to talk about how they all lied about dancing with...
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