The Cross-Culture Misapplication in Advertisement Translation

Topics: Culture, Translation, Advertising Pages: 17 (5872 words) Published: November 18, 2012

The world has become much smaller than ever before since the science and technology developing so faster as well as the economic. At the same time more and more factories and companies in China are keen to put their products into the international market. Advertising translation is the outcome of this economic trend. This paper tries to analyze cross-cultural misapplication in English advertisements translated from Chinese at lexical/textual levels and culture backdrops ect, and puts forward some suggestions on how to avoid cross-cultural misapplication in advertisement translation.

Key words: Advertising translation; cross-cultural misapplication; suggestions


Abstract in English i
Abstract in Chinese ii
1. Introduction1
2. Advertisement Misapplication Translation in cross-cultural aspects 3
2.1 The imagination difference3
2.2 The shift of social values4
2.2.1 Traditional differences in advertisement translation4 2.2.2 Religions different in advertisement translation…………… 5
2. 2.3 Values differences in advertisement translation5
2. 2.4 Political difference in advertisement translation6
3. The strategies overcome the cross-cultural advertisement communication… 7
3.1 Overcome cultural barriers, respect for cultural differences, cultural 7 3.2 Master and use the language of the audience countries, reduce direct pragmatic failures
3.2.1 Respect religious beliefs and national traditions and customs 8 3.2.2And the audience, the core values of culture are in line with the social cultural psycholoy
3.2.3 Eliminate racial superiority, avoid the national mood
4. Translation failure in translation skill aspects11
4.1 Pragmalinguistic failure in English advertisements11
4.1.1 Pragmalinguistic failure at lexical level………………………11 4.1.2 Pragmalinguistic failure at textual level………………………12 4.1.3 On cross-cultural pragmatic failure in English advertisements translated from Chinese……………………………………………… …..12

4.2 Sociopragmatic failure in English advertisements 12
4.2.1 Sociopragmatic failure at lexical level………………………13
4.2.2 Sociopragmatic failure at textual level 14
4.3 On cross-cultural pragmatic failure in English advertisements translated from Chinese14 5.Strategies to Avoid Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure in English Advertisements
6. Conclusion 17
Acknowledgements 19
Works Cited20

1. Instruction

There have been numerous publications over the last ten years on the cross-cultural misapplication in advertisement translation to keep pace with the increase in knowledge of biological science. With the society developed and the economy flourish, the advertisements have a great influence on our daily life and work and then the influence will become larger than ever before. So the culture is to advertisement translation just like what is the water to fish. Advertising is an indispensable activity in modern economies as it facilitates the efficient flow of product information in the market. On the one hand, it provides choices to consumers, and on the other, it helps producers explore and expand the market. It is a type of mass communication through which information is provided to many people at the same time .The function of the advertisement is attracting the guests and advertising even take a good example for the commercial image. Advertisement translation is not only in literally but also in cultural contexts. Goddard warns of the dangers of ignoring cultural factors such as textual interpretation rules, attitudes and values. She claims that ‘the essence of good advertising copy is not about simply translating the words; it is about encoding the right concepts, and those concepts may well vary from culture to culture’ (1998, p. 80). In order to make the foreigners know what is love and accept the commodities from our country, advertisement translation is a necessary process we must not neglect . We all know...
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