The Crips

Topics: Crips, Gang, Crime Pages: 3 (517 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The Crips

Who knew that a gang founded by a fifteen-year old would become one of the largest and

most violent gangs in the United States? The Crips started as an individual gang in the late

1960s. By the late 1990s, there were 200 Crip gangs in California. The popularity of Crip gangs

increased dramatically, outnumbering non-Crip gangs by three to one. There were sparking

disputes with non-Crip gangs. This led to the alliance of rival gangs which was known as the

Bloods. Eventually, the Crips became the most powerful gang in California.

The Crips are mainly composed of African-American ethnicity. It was founded in Los

Angeles in 1969 by fifteen year old Raymond Washington. The gang was originally known as

the Avenue Cribs to represent a new generation of youths. Washington was inspired by the

revolutionary ideology of the 1960s. He assembled friends and wanted to act as community

leaders by aggressively protecting local neighborhoods. The revolutionary vision did not last due

to immaturity and lack of leadership, and the gang was not able to apply its vision of

neighborhood protection into a broader protective strategy. The Crips became obsessed with

protecting themselves from other gangs, as they were often in conflict with other non-Crip gangs,

and they became increasingly violent as they attempted to expand their territory. By the early

1980s, the gang was heavily involved in the drug trade; the majority was crack cocaine. They are

also involved in attempted murders, assaults, rapes, robberies, thefts, drug distribution and

obstruction of justice by threatening witnesses. The Crips expanded its network of crime into

high schools across the country. Gang leaders recruited young girls as prostitutes. They

maintained allegiance through beatings, threats, assaults, and endless supply of drugs. Most

girls, usually fifteen...
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