The Creatures Quest for Love-Frankenstein

Topics: Love, Marriage, Kill Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: May 3, 2011
The Creatures Quest for Love
In the fourteenth chapter of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein the creature is telling Victor what he has learned from watching the people who live in the cottages. He tells him that they were once very influential citizens of Paris. The father was a Turk who was falsely accused of a crime and Felix risks everything to save him from spending his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. Felix meets the Turks daughter Safie and falls in love with her. Safie was very happy to marry Felix because it would take her out of a place where women could not be independent. Felix’s plan was discovered and they were all banished from France and all of their wealth was taken from them. They found themselves settling in a cottage in Germany. After watching the cottagers for so long the creature has learned acceptance and love even when there is a price to pay for it and wishes only for Victor to give him that same type of acceptance.

After Victor’s mother died he was obsessed with finding the spark of life. He dug up graves and took pieces of human body parts and put them together to form his own creation. After bringing it to life he is disgusted by what he sees. The creature turns out to be a hideous creation. Victor runs out of his apartment leaving the creature alone and the creature retreats to the forest at which time he discovers the family living there.

The creature tells Victor of his struggles since he was created. He tells him about the rejection he as experienced while he wondered the lands. He tells Victor that people do not welcome him as he thought they might. He comes across a family living in the forest. After watching the family the creature learns that he is not like everyone else. He is different and wonders where he fits in. He wonders if he should be with the humans or the animals, he says in Chapter 13, “I was not even of the same nature as man, where do I belong in the scheme of life, with men or among the animals?” He...
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