The Creature Is Not as 'Wretched" as Victor Proclaims. an Essay Based on Frankenstein

Topics: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Natural selection Pages: 5 (2150 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley challenges science when it comes to life, death and the interpretation of god. She introduces us to the character Victor who can be recognized as a mad scientist, he is obsessed over creating a perfect human being. However, according to Victor's actions, his experiment of creating the perfect human being goes all wrong when his creation the Creature comes out hideous (Shelley 43). Nevertheless, the Creature is not as horrible and “wretched” as Victor proclaims. He is a human with feelings and a soul (Shelley 43). The Creature is of a stature far exceeded by humans, he is able to learn without guidance and supervision. Through struggles, experiences and observations, the Creature learns and adapts to the environment without guidance; as portrayed in Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, the organism that's best adapted to the environment will evolve into a stronger and powerful being. The Creature is abandoned by Victor, because Victor is afraid of the Creature’s appearance (Shelley 44). This results in the Creature going out into society alone. When the creature encounters Victor later on in the story, he argues with Victor and points out that he has a soul and that he is a human (Shelley 87). The Creature indicates that it is humankind that can't accept him (Shelley 87). The Creature can't accept himself because not even Victor his creator can accept him. He notifies Victor of how his heart grew with love for humanity but humanity rejected him just like victor had he was alone (Shelley 88). All he ever truly wanted was a companion, a friend; this became his only request from Victor. This relates to Darwin's point in regards to how men have to work harder than any other species (326). The Creature had no guidance he was abandoned by Victor. He needed to work his way up. He needed to teach himself he needed to work hard and learn to survive on his own (Shelley 90-97). Darwin indicates that the stronger species will live and the weaker species will become extinct [survival of the fittest] (324). If the Creature was not in fact an extraordinary form then he would have died already. A new born baby dies without his mother. However, the Creature was able to survive without victor's guidance. After Victor abandons him the Creature struggles to find food and shelter (Shelley 93). He has no one to turn to for help. Eventually he finds food and he finds a place to stay. At first, he eats berries however, that changes when he learns to make fire and cook (Shelley 91). At this point, the Creature doesn't know how to speak. His only way of communication is groans. As a result of his size and features people are scared of him (Shelley 94). Despite that he is able to adapt accordingly. The Creature learns fast for a new born. He learns to make fire and cook all within one night. Due to the Creature's strength and size and his eagerness to learn he was able to develop survival instincts and adapt to the environment. The first observation he makes is the fire that's left by the Begger's (Shelley 92). When he put his hand near the fire he burnt his hand. That made him realized that the fire is good enough to keep him warm but getting too close to it will injure him (Shelley 92). He then realizes that the fire is formed from wood, he first gathers wet wood but seeing that it doesn't help, he then realizes that it's dry wood that keeps the fire going (Shelley 92). Through this observation he learned how to keep himself warm and how to create fire which is essential to making food (Shelley 92). This relates to Darwin's Sexual Selection: Man because Darwin points out in his theory of evolution that the harder a person works, the faster they learn and the better they are able to evolve and adapt to their environment (352). When the creature gets tired of consuming berries he struggles to feed himself so he starts to steal food from his neighbors, but after he observes and figures...
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