The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms (Article Review)

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Psychology, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Article Review MAS107
Viray, Jean Michaela Z.
The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms
Humans want to see different creations, not just once. For the reason that if people saw a new creation soon everyone will basically get used to it so the public will demand for more. Not even the geniuses can push aside the topic “creativity” to the public’s eye, the fact that people are there to criticize the work done and artists cannot stop the words or reactions because that is what it is intended for. Public will judge mostly at the creativity that is done, some will try to dig deeper, others have nothing to say.

It is said in the article that every year the McArthur Foundation awards a few individuals with “genius grants”, as for these individuals they don’t see themselves as geniuses but people who work with creativity and view things differently. The awardees have a different or unique way of thinking about things, like in a math class 1 out of the estimated 40 students is thinking of another solution to a problem while the others are following what the professor gave them. And what the spokesperson of the foundation said is true that the individuals was awarded creativity because they know how to improve things or much better, make new things that catches the public’s eye and satisfy the interest.

Is one culture inherently more creative than another? Does our educational system enhance or suppress creativity? Is creativity one of the hallmarks of genius, or of human intelligence? Is creativity something that animals and machines cannot do? These are the questions said in the article that provides inkling of how the topic of creativity flows through out the social matrix.

Boden is a Fellow of the British Academy and Professor of Philosophy and Psychology in the School of Cognitive Sciences at the University of Sussex, England. She wrote a book entitled “The Creative Mind” in which she ties the creativity into the research of AI (artificial intelligence)....
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