The Creation of the Titans and Gods

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Creation Myths
Daquita Mosley
World Mythology
April 01, 2013
Shyla Lang

The two myths that have been read are “The creation of the Titians and gods” and “Osiris. Isis and Horus”. I will discuss the different between the worlds, such as sky, earth, and the underworld, are represented in the two myths that have been chosen. I will also describe the creators of each myth’ explaining who the creators are ad which gender they are.

Both myths start out with a creator that started their world. In the myth “Osiris, Isis, and Horus”, Nut was the goddess of the sky, she married Re the god of the sun and he is the creator of all. The creators of this story are both male and female, Nut the female had cheated on Re with Geb and Thoth. Nut was with child and Re made to where she will not be able to give birth at all within the year. So than Thoth made it to where there were five extra days added to the year. So within these five day she had five children; Osiris was born on the first day, Horus was born on the second day, Set was born on the third day, Isis was born on the fourth day and Nephythys on the fifth day (Rosenberg, D. (2006).

Isis and Osiris were married, Osiris became the god of Upper and Lower Egypt and Isis was the goddess of green crops. Later on in the story Set became jelus and wants to become ruler of the Upper and Lower Egypt. Set came up with a very sninky plan; while he waited for Osiris was sleepy he measured him and made a box just for the king. Once the king got in there the box was shunt and hot wax was poured upon the box. The queen found the kings box and she was so broken hearted. Isis gave birth to their son Horus that took down Set to take his father kingdom back (Rosenberg, D. (2006). In the Greek Myth “The Creation of the Titans and the Gods”, the history started out with three immortal beings: Gaea- Mother Earth, Tartarus ruled the Underworld and Eros- Love. Gaea gave birth to Uranus who is the Father Sky; she also...
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