The Creation of Heavy Metal and Its Effect on Society

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The Creation of Metal Music and Its Effect on Teen Society
Guillermo L. Rodríguez
Dominguez High School
[AP English Language and Composition – June 2, 2011]
Spring 2011

The Creation of Metal Music and Its Effect on Teen Society

“Heavy Metal music's influence on society is really profound. Most people don't realize this, but Heavy Metal has spawned an entire subculture, with millions worldwide who can call themselves Heavy Metal fans. It is more than just aggressive music; it is an obsession and a way of life for a staggering amount of people” (Dunn 2008).

Anthropologist, Sam Dunn documented how Heavy Metal has changed lives and societies across the globe. “Heavy Metal music is a way of art, and how humans show what they see in society and translate it through a very artistic and creative way, which is the music itself”(Dunn 2008). “Human nature would argue for this scenario. Humans are influenced by conditions in their environment and react, whether physically, emotionally, or in this case, creatively” says sociologist of DePaul University (Deena Weinstein). This does not rule out the fact that artistic output created by humans can go back and in turn be an influence on society. By looking at some examples both historic and current, you can observe this process and how it has affected our world. (Weinstein 2005)

Metal Music affects the world and Teen society in many diverse ways, whether it be by fashion, politics, religion, lyrical aspirations, and simply bringing people together. John Lennon was one of those people to bring peace by music, he went on a hunger strike for a week to promote piece all around the world with music, and he was not just recognized for doing this but many other inspirational acts with music. Through music, artists, bands and so on, speak of things going on in the society around you.

Origin of Heavy Metal

In the gritty streets of Birmingham, UK 1970, where Black Sabbath, took music too a more darker and sinister place, there was a man named Tony Iommi, who together with the well known Ozzy Ozbourne, formed a band and started the era of Heavy Metal. The first album they produced was self titled – Black Sabbath. Research shows that the Tri-Tone (Blue scale) is the devils note, which was used in the also self titled track “Black Sabbath”, claimed by Cannibal Corpse guitarist Alex Webster in “Metal, A Headbangers Journey (2008) “This note, in the Middle Ages, was forbidden because if its thought up relationship with the devil, towns folk believed that this “Tri-Tone” summoned the devil, thus explaining why it was forbidden”(Ezrin 2008). In the middle Ages, sorcerers used this Tri-Tone to summon the beast and cause havoc amongst the villagers who were ignorant and scared of heavy sounds.

As Black Sabbath’s music spread through out the U.K, people from all over the world started to react to this new heavier style of music and became influenced, such as Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and many more bands all over the world became interested and incorporated Heavy Metal to their personas and musical ways. Anthropologist Sam Dunn: Metal, A Headbangers Journey (2008) and also past Heavy Metal band member says that “There’s an on going battle in heavy metal to be more heavier and evil than the band that came before you, this has kept me into metal all these years”

Competition plays a great part in Heavy Metal, which is also a great factor that spread Heavy Metal world wide and turned it into many now known Heavy Metal sub genres per say. As Heavy Metal started to grow in the 70’s, band after band tried to sound heavier than the last band which is how these “sub genres” of metal, like I stated earlier, came to be. The teens in that era, noticed this, “competition” and many teens started and incorporated, Heavy Metal to their own bands and were so influenced by this music, that it made teens...
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