The Craven Book Horror Show

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The Craven Book Case
Queation 1  Whose biggest fault it is? Craven Book have faced a huge issue when they tried to implement a new IT system in order to face to growing demand. This problem with the new IT system has had major impact on the company, and the protagonists don’t agree about who’s responsible for this mess. In the video there are four main participants: Peter Craven (the top manager), the IT manager, the employees and the IT consultant. Let’s see to what extend each of them is responsible. Peter Craven: As the top manager of the company he has to know what is going on in his company and he’s the one who have to take the decisions, fully aware of what it involves. I this case he should have been more cautious, had a stronger link with his teams and supervised the well going of the project. Contrary to what he seems to think, as the head of the company, he should have noticed that there were troubles with the new system and that Craven Books was losing customers. According to IT consultant he was always changing his mind and didn’t know what he really wanted. It is said that he was the person who knows the less than anybody else. The IT manger: as an expert he should have seen the risk of such a system. He’s really involved in the choice of the fully integrated system. He should have prevented the company from accepting such a large, complex and costly project. He didn’t adapt himself to the company real needs and may not have enough experience to handle such a big project. He has the trust of Peter Craven about his ability to manage the project and that’s also one of the reason the top manager wasn’t really involved. He was the only one who had the technical competencies and the knowledge of the company necessary for the success of the new IT system. The General Manager : She did not train the employees properly and shed id not follow up the...
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