The Crave for Companionship in of Mice and Men

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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“A guy goes nut if he ain’t got nobody.” None of the characters in Of Mice and Men experience true companionship. Discuss. The crave for companionship is a key theme present throughout John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men. The great depression is no help when trying to find or keep friendships alive in the rural, country areas of America. George and Lennie depict what true companionship is all about when sticking together through thick and thin. Being the only black man living on the ranch, Crooks finds it hard to relate with others, finding himself separated from the other men. The relationship between Curley and his wife is merely just an unstable marriage that lacks true meaning and love. Desire in many forms is found throughout the novella but companionship is the main one as everyone can be lonely at times. George and Lennie’s companionship contrasts the loneliness that surrounds them on the ranch. Somehow the two men complement each other despise the lack of compatibility between them. Lennie would call George a friend, but George would find difficulty to call him one back. “ain’t many guys travel around together” (Slim page 36) this is what Slim tells George when he finds out that he and Lennie travel together. The companions are in search of the American dream which is to own their own piece of land, “we'd have our own place where we belonged and not sleep in no bunk house" (George page 63) this would put George in control of finally keeping them out of trouble, especially Lennie. George is motivated to stay with Lennie because of his own guilt and the fact that he doesn't want to end up like everyone else on the ranch, alone. George knows that life without Lennie would be so much easier on himself and sometimes he wants the independence of not have to keep his eye on a grown man who has the mind of a child. Unfortunately their great friendship had to end with George killing Lennie. Although it may have seemed to be George protecting himself it was...
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