The Cow Lie More Straight in Free Stall

Topics: Cattle, Milk, Dairy farming Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The cows lie more straight in the free stalls – the cows lie more relaxed – the consumption of bedding is almost reduced by half – no more damage on the udder since GreenStall Easy has been installed – the cows are more relaxed – no more problems with the hollow of the knees – better resting comfort/longer resting time/higher milk production – more space for the head of the cow – cheaper compared to the traditional free stall.

GreenStall Easy is a further development of GreenStall, which has won a lot of awards in all of Europe for the innovative form and flexibility. GreenStall Easy is developed by Tommy Wollesen who is the general manager of Cow-Welfare. It was designed by Tommy Wollesen, a Danish buildings consultant, an idea from a cowman in the south of Denmark and by the farmer Esben Larsen, who was the first farmer to test GreenStall Easy. Afterwards, he got it installed in the rest of the barn. One of the special things, when it comes to GreenStall Easy, is the low flexible plastic pipe which guides the cow into the right resting position. Furthermore, the slanting angle of the plastic pipe guarantees a lot of space for the cow's head. The straight plastic pipe in the top, guides the cow when it goes in and out of the free stall and also prevents the cow from turning around in the free stall. The neck bracket is mounted on the plastic pipe in the top. The neck bracket is made out of the same soft plastic material as the other pipes in the construction. This kind of material guarantees a very comfortable and flexible solution for the cow.  The cows that are new in the flock or that for some reason want to go through the free stall, will not get badly hurt or break any bones, like she might in the traditional free stall. The reason for this is the soft and flexible neck bracket of the GreenStall Easy. The outer dimension of the neck bracket is like the other plastic pipes, but the thickness of the plastic in the neck bracket is just the half of that in...
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