The Cow Jumped over the Moon

Topics: Brake, Automobile, Rain Pages: 6 (844 words) Published: April 16, 2013
|Tell how to use the IPDE process |Slow down to give yourself more time | |to manage risk in bad weather. | | | |Scanning in and around your path of travel | | | | | |Predict others will maneuver around you | | | | | |Decide position of vehicle | | | | | |Executing driving actions gently to maintain control of vehicle | |Night |Low levels of light severely limit your ability to effectively use the IPDE Process. | | |Research indicates that the most dangerous time of the week to drive is Sunday morning from 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM. Not only do you| | |see less at night, but you also might be tired. Other drivers will likely be tired and some of them might have been drinking. | | |This dark, early morning hour isn’t just a little more dangerous—it’s about 144 times more dangerous than the safest time. | |How does sun glare affect driving|The brightest day will cause the darkest shadows and people might not see your light or turn signal | |situations? | | |Describe the special techniques |Use high beam head lights so you can see further down the road ad weather because the low beams in bad weather will not reflect | |you can use for driving at night.|and cause visions imparments | |Explain the procedure to use at |Slow move to lane pos. 3 and look at right edge of the road | |night when an oncoming driver | | |fails to use low-beam headlights.| | |What does the term over driving |Driving at a speed that makes your stopping distance longer than distance longer than head lights | |your headlights mean? | | |How will the following conditions|Fog- light is reflected off the water particles and impair your vision | |affect the IPDE process? | | |...
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