The Count of Montecristo

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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The Count of Monte Cristo Oscar Dominguez English II 2/26/13 The book is very good; I like it because I know it is an interesting story. Start with Edmond Dantès returning to Marseille, where he meets his family and friends. There he learns that he is the first officer of the ship, about to be captain, and that is about to marry a beautiful Catalan, named Mercedes. It is revealed that former Captain Leclere, who was a supporter of Napoleon, charged Dantès die before they deliver a package to Maréchal Bertrand grand marshal, who was on the island of Elba. During his visit, he spoke with Napoleon, who asked him to deliver a letter to a man in Paris. However, the innocent Dantès not realize how much he fectan friends. Danglars, cargo chief Edmond envy because it is going to be captain, and Fernand, who loves Mercedes as treacherous accuse Edmond, is sent to the prosecutor and magistrate Villefort. Although Villefort quickly becomes convinced of the innocence of Edmond and is about to release him, he discovers that the recipient is none other than his own father, Noirtier, a Bonapartist important. However, the son has denounced his father to improve relations with the current royal regime, and a resurgence of...
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