The Count of Monte Cristo Review

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The Count of Monte Cristo Review
Chapters 1-4
1. The book begins in 1815, It is the end of Napoleons rule 2. Mercedes is his Fiancee
3. Dantes Is the new captain of the Pharon
4. Dantes finds this dad has been starving
5. Fernand Mondego is talking to Mercedes
6. Danglars, Caderousse, and Fernand discuss Dantes downfall during dinner 7. Dantes is arrested at the Betrothal feast
Chapters 5-9
1. It is Mercedes and Dantes Betrothal feast
2. Guards burst in to arrest Dantes
3. Dantes says he went to Elba because it was his captian’s dying wish 4. Villefort changes his mind when Dantes says who the letter is going to, he changes his mind because the letter is going to his father. 5. Dantes believes a mistake has been made and is not alarmed 6. Dantes is taken to Villeforts house

7. Dantes is taken to the Chateau d’If because he was carrying a note to Villeforts father about a Bonapartist plot 8. Villefort visits the King, he brings the king a message of a plot against him and earns his graditude. 9. He does not say the note was going to his Father

10. Naploeon lands in France and has gained power
11. Danglars moves to Madrid, Fernand wins Mercedes graditude and joins Napoleons army, Dantes father dies of misery over Dantes imprisonment 12. Dantes is going to starve himself, just when he feels he’s about to die he hears scratching from the other side of the wall. 13. Dantes Finds Abbe Faria, He was rumored to offer guards money for his escape. Chapters 13-16

1. Dantes is rescued by a group of sailors on a Genoese boat, he tells them the Jeune-Amelie crashed and he is the lone survivor 2. Dantes fakes being injured and tells the crew he cannot move, he then is allowed to stay on the island for one week until the crew comes back for him. During this week he finds the treasure. 3. Dantes buys Jacopo a ship and a crew for his kindness

4. Dantes father is dead and Mercedes no...
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