The Count of Monte Cristo

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès, Education Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 5, 2013
“The Count Of Monte Cristo“

The story “The Count of Monte Cristo” revolved around between the rich and the poor people can or cannot do when it comes to influence and power, and the revenge of Edmond Dantes. Edmond Dantes is a good-hearted and God-fearing person, a sailor who had a bright future ahead at the moment he's imprisoned: he was about to be promoted and to marry the woman he loved so dearly. His life is ruined because of others envy to him especially his friend Fernand Mondego, who betrayed him and and later takes his fiance Mercedes as his own wife. Edmond Dantes was the victim of an unfortunate coincidence, because of lack of education, he doesn’t know how to read and write, thus, he wasn’t able to know what the letter is all about which was then a plan of rebellion by Bonaparte. It tells us how important education is to our lives. It is hard to be uneducated. We need to learn for us to grow and to develop ourselves.

The story is full of hope. As the line “God will give me justice” which Edmond Dantes engraved in the wall on the prison. That hope keeps Edmond Dantes alive. But time comes that Edmund lost his trust to God because he waited for so long but there’s no God who came to save him. He thought that God was never there in those times he needed his companion and was never a God of justice. Hence, he never believed in God as if God never existed. As his priest friend he meet in the prison named Abbé Faria said, God believes in you.´ Abbé Faria who became his teacher, who educate him to read, write, to fight in a duel, to be strong and brave and many more things that made him to be an educated man. This is how Edmond becomes the Count, a man with a brilliant mind, intelligent; with possessions that grant him a new life, and starts his vengeance to those people who betrayed him and suffered him hardships in prison that even lead him to death.

The life story of Edmond Dantes is still happening nowadays though it is very rare. This reminds...
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