The Costa Rican Economy

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The sectoral composition of the Costa Rican economy has been relatively stable. Services, taken as a whole, continue to account for the largest share of GDP, with commerce, restaurants and hotels being the most important single contributor. Costa Rica 2011 GDP Growth Rate (source FMI)

Prior to the global economic crisis, Costa Rica enjoyed stable economic growth. The economy contracted 1.3% in 2009 but resumed growth at about 4% per year in 2010-11. The country of Costa Rica has a free trade agreement that is signed with many countries. Most of the countries are part of the Americas, countries like Canada, Chile, Mexico, and of course the United States.  However, they also have free trade agreements with the European Union, China, and Singapore that have really helped them. Costa Rica has close relationships with their foreign trade partners and 52 of the partners which represent 83 percent of all of the foreign trade that they do and 86 percent of the exports that they do.  Chile also has always been willing to help with trade facilitation measures and to help promote them. Central Bank: Costa Rica economy has momentum

It shows that 2010 was a tough year, with the monthly production-index bars consistently dropping, and the solid-line average declining steadily. But the economy recovered nicely in 2011 – not to the high-growth pace of 2009, but steadily positive for 11 out of 12 months.  For 2012, data is available up to March. Though monthly growth flattens, the moving average remains steadily positive.Even with production numbers dropping recently, the economy has built up good momentum, and the moving average is holding at 7 percent over decent 2011 results. Leading Activities…

Costa Rican Import and Export structure

Imports: consist mainly of raw materials for industry and mining, followed by consumer goods and capital goods for industry, mining, and transportation. Major suppliers include the. Exports: Almost two thirds of exports are manufactured...
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