“the Cost of Losing a Military Identification Card”

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Security, Operations security Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 10, 2011
“The Cost of Losing a Military Identification Card”
Losing a Military Identification Card has multiple downsides. There is no good in losing a Military Identification Card regardless of the situations. Here are a few reasons why it is not good to lose a Military Identification Card. One, someone can use a Military ID to sneak on to base and by passing security. Two, the Marine who lost their military ID will not be able to access restricted areas to civilians and will be restricted from computers on base. Three, the Marine loses security clearance through the chain of command. Four, Marine cannot access Postal Exchange (PX). Five, the Marine will possibly be non-judicially punished and possibly lose rank. Reason one: someone by passing security. If someone were to find a Marine’s Military ID and by pass security, the person who breached security could do these multiple things in a twenty-four hour period if he or she were smart and fast enough to do it. First thing they could do is get access to restricted areas and possibly sabotage military equipment. In addition, they could steal military grade equipment, blue prints to new weapon designs, military vehicles, and information regarding the movement of Marines that are out in the battlefield and their objectives, depending on the security clearance of the Marine’s military ID.

Reason two: military restrictions for losing Military ID. The Marine who lost his or her military ID will not be able to access restricted areas to civilians and lose access to computers on base. If a Marine had to report to a restricted area to perform any duties for a superior officer and do not have his or her military ID, will not be able to perform their duties or tasks given by a superior. In addition, if the Marine had to access important information about an upcoming task or mission and he or she do not have their military ID; will not be able to access the important Intel. Reason three: lose security clearance through chain...
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