The Cost for College Is to High

Topics: Debt, Interest, Loan Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The cost of college is ridiculous, students have to pay for books and take out loans for tuition,And pay for some classes they really don’t need, but you must take in order to get your degree. Some students can get scholarships but there is a limited amount to give away and on top of that students must qualify to be able to get any of them. But even getting scholarships does not offset the cost of college. Now with the recession and the cost of living it is becoming even harder for student to pay for college, So most of them settle for average paying jobs because they don’t have much of a choice. Fewer students are enrolling in college because of the cost. Even people who have degrees can’t even find jobs, so that makes students think twice about even continuing their education. They figure why get myself into debt if I can’t even find a good paying job. This is unfair to those students who have sacrificed and have taken out massive loans that leave them in serious financial debt and when they finish school once again they find themselves to be in the same financial situations. The average loan must be paid back in less than 6 months after graduation. The loan companies have the assumption that you will find a job, but they are so wrong. The debt becomes even higher because the interest rates start. Something seriously needs to be done to help out the student in America. We are the future of this country and with the way things are looking we are not going to have much of one.
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