The Cosmopolitan Corporation

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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BUS 362: Multicultural Marketing
Case/Article Outline
Fill out the following matrix with thoughtful, intelligent statements. Bullet format
Preparation for discussion in class

|Student Name Hyder M. Alikhan | |Case/Article Name The Cosmopolitan Corporation | |Date November 8, 2012 | |Situation in the Case | | | |Articles: What are the most important points of the article in your own words? | |Global success requires that companies appreciate diversity and distance rather than seek to eliminate them. | |Unbalanced growth, pockmarked by financial distress. The threat of protectionism brought on by persistently high unemployment, particularly in developed | |countries. | |Tensions, in wealthy nations as well as poor ones, around ethnic, religious, and linguistic divides, and talk of a new age of secession or tribalism. | |These are some of the developments that contradict the story we had just gotten used to—the one about how markets were becoming perfectly integrated across | |borders, technology was...
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