The Cosmetics Market

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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ABCD framework

Europe's market size is almost as large as the U.S. and Japan combined, due to its large population. Spain’s consumption in cosmetics is €169 per capita per year. Over the period 2000-06, there was strong growth in the high per capita consumption, which implies that the access as well as the usage of cosmetics has been continuously increasing.

Buying Behavior

There are growing concerns about skin cancer and exposure to harmful rays that has led to the growing use of sun care products. Anti-aging creams and anti-cellulite skin care products are in high demand among an aging population in the developed countries. There is also a widespread and growing diversity of cosmetics products for men – especially men's fragrances – and a growing demand for natural / organic products. This is also one of the factors which might influence Himalaya to enter spain.

Consumption Characteristics
Spain spends lower-than-average shares on decorative cosmetics and much higher on Skin care products.

A representation of Different cosmetics categories’ use in the European market.

Since, Himalaya’s major cosmetics product is through Skin care products, and it is a high growth market. We can say that the population of Spain has high access to such products.


Disposal and recycling is a seriously handled issue in Spain and they take high care while doing this. For Ex. Spanish law demands that companies must pay for the cost of recycling the glass that their products are sold in.

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