The Cosmetic Advertising Industry

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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The Cosmetic Advertising Industry
This analysis of a current skincare product advertisement is that of a visual and verbal persuasive ad that not only promotes the item but outlines societies standards of beauty as well as American cultural values today . This ad gives an all around simple, clean appearance because it wants to portray that this is the way skin “should look” no matter what age one may be. The ad makes no harsh lines or textures and gives off a very relaxing, fresh look. The presentation of the models skin is flawless, even, and radiant. The advertiser is trying to sell the skincare product by showing what the results of the product can be (flawless, clear, perfect skin). The claim , “The Pro-X Clear is a total skin care solution. Proven technology to help stop the frustrating cycle of breakouts and blemishes.” supports this itself in the detailed description of how it is going to make your skin look flawless and give it “even texture”, and “minimize the look of pores in as little as 4 weeks.” It also supports this claim by using a model with radiant skin to show a potential buyers what his or her skin will look like after using this product.

The ad depicts that in order to be beautiful one must have beautiful skin and in order to have beautiful skin one must have this product. It portrays how Americans idolize beauty and how much they strive to achieve outer beauty goals that are unrealistic. The models skin is clearly airbrushed. Even her fingers have been retouched. She has also been photographed in professional lighting by a professional photographer who knows how to make “beautiful” women look even more beautiful. It persuades American girls to want to look like the fashion models in the magazines rather than spend their time doing good for others, instead. The image created is an impossible image for one to live up to. Americans tend to believe that youth prevails over age. This creates a dilemma because one cannot “stop the hands of...
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