The Correlation Between the Students’ Learning Hours and Their English Scores

Topics: Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Test, Education Pages: 5 (1598 words) Published: December 25, 2012

By: Yelly A. Barlian

The research investigated the relationship between the student’s learning hours and their English scores and how strong the relationship was. The participants consisted of 22 students of Product Design Dept. from a private Art and Design tertiary school in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The instruments used in this study were the variables of English mid-term test score and a questionnaire asking the students’ learning consistency outside the class, then both of those variables were calculated by the correlation formula and scatter plot. The finding result indicated that there was a strong positive correlation between the variables. Introduction

There have been many studies made concerning the correlation between motivation and consistency towards the students’ achievement since it has been believed they have a very significant role in determining someone’s aptitude. Festinger (1957) explored how individuals become demotivated when there is a lack of consistency of behavior, values, and belief, and that such a condition can result in cognitive dissonance. Learning behavior consistency can be also reflected by the individuals’ learning hours. Being consistent requires frequently practice and mostly it is not easy to carry out especially for the students.

The goals of this research were to investigate how effective the learning duration towards the correlation between the weekly learning hours and the English mid-term score and how strong the correlation was therefore we could give a stronger conclusion regarding this phenomenon and motivate students to behave better in learning process. Investigating the correlation of two or more variables is a type of non-experimental research. There is usually no manipulation of variables and it simply investigates the extent to which the variables are related and the direction of the relation. The strength and the direction of the relation are described by means of quantitative index, called the coefficient correlation. (Rummel: 1976) stated that there are two kinds of interpretation concerning it; first, the maximum positive correlation is 1.00. Since the correlation is the average product of the standard scores for the cases on two variables, and since the standard deviation of standardized data is 1.00, then if the two standardized variables covary positively and perfectly, the average of their products across the cases will equal 1.00. On the other hand, if two things vary oppositely and perfectly, then the correlation will equal -1.00. In brief, the larger the coefficient (+ive or –ive), the higher the degree of relationship expressed. Meanwhile (Gay, Mills & Airasian:2006) added that there are three general rules of interpretation considered as a low correlation which is less than .35, a moderate correlation which is between .36 and .65 and a high correlation which is above .66 The function of correlation research are for determining relationships and prediction. Therefore the this research was used to answer questions such as, is there a relationship between math and aptitude and achievement in computer science? What is the strength of this relationship, if any? Or What is relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement (see Malik’s M.Ed. Dissertation, 1979). Steiger said Correlation and Covariance are used to compute correlation and in this research , the researcher will use the correlation from raw scores of the two variables, the English mid-term test scores and the students’ learning hours. The correlation formula is r=N XY-X(Y) NX2- XXNY2- YY.
The research questions of this study were: Is there any correlation between the English scores and the students’ learning hours? What is the strength of this relationship, is any?. These questions were given to answer the present hypotheses...
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