The Corporation Analysis

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Esmeralda Adan
MGMT 350
The Corporation Extra Credit
What is a Corporation? Due to the financial crisis that has been emerging, the nature of the Corporation has been the subject of considerable debate. While this is a complex subject, two points of view has been emerging. At one end is the view that the Corporation is an organization of individuals designed to provide goods and services to consumers, institutions, and companies. It also generates benefits to society in a variety of ways, including the many services and goods these corporations efficiently produce and the many jobs that they create. On the other end, there is the view of the corporation as an organization that will use all lawful means for its single-minded objective of generating profit and wealth. That single-minded focus on wealth can degenerate into a behavior dominated by greed, where a relatively number of people will do whatever they can to earn large sums of money without worrying about the impact of their actions on the larger society. This second view is what the film “The Corporation” main argument is about. The Corporation has emerged to be today’s dominant institution, one that creates great wealth but also great harms. This documentary examines the history of the corporation and the role it plays in society and our everyday lives. Body

What we find is that corporations become monstrosities. They become self-feeding entities with one purpose in life, and that is to grow and survive. Every corporation has one purpose, and that is to provide value and profits to its shareholders while continuing to grow. In fact, as you'll see in The Corporation, that is by law the growth strategy that every corporation must follow. By law, corporations must put the profits of shareholders first and, in doing so, will necessarily export its problems to the public at large. In the video, these are called "externalities," and corporations are machines that will externalize...
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