The Corporate Culture Between the Public and the Private Sectors

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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The foundations to organize company’s personnel are different between the public and the private sectors. These may also be different from one country to another or from one company to another according to the organization, the context of evolution and its environment. And from these foundations and values that are shared by all staff, a corporate culture is set.

The corporate culture is a key variable to explain the daily life and strategic choices made by a social group. The corporate culture is in a sense, a product of national culture and therefore a set of values and signs shared by the majority of employees.

Seen from the outside, all companies in a country are alike: workshops, warehouses, offices, constant movements of people and goods. Yet a detailed examination shows that no company is comparable to another, especially between public sector and private one, On the one hand there are for example statutes, recruitment through entrance exams and the automatic nature of salaries, and while on the other hand, there are for instance labour laws, individual goals expressed through contracts and the freedom to set pay scales, so each has its own personality, has a unique identity and image. This personality is forged around five themes: the status, recruitment, remuneration, the mindset of management and the environment in which the firm operates.

One can see for example between a public sector company "assurance maladie" and a private company "axa". Both operate in the same category of activity, «assurance maladie " staff does not enjoy equal reassuring status than "axa" staff, the civil servant status is more securing than employee status.

Even their recruitment are not the same, in the public sector recruitment is often done by concours what is not the case in the private sector. Another deference between the two sectors is shown in the system of remuneration, the latter is fixed by the state according to a pay scale with " assurance maladie "...
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