The Core Teachings of Jesus+Literary Forms

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  • Published : May 19, 2008
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The core teachings of Jesus are as relevant today as they were in his time. The essence of his teaching was the fact that God loved us, and the need for us to love God, and each other. The teachings are still relevant because they teach us to be genuinely happy with ourselves and the people around us through God. They are even more relevant now due to the crisis in Iraq and the middle east, the tsunami’s and the general need for aid throughout the world.

This message is separated into different teachings, which are found in the four gospels of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As well as there being evidence of his teachings in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians.

The four gospels are essentially compiled records of oral traditions, parables, sermons and teachings put together by each of the four disciples. Individually they are very different from each other, but the core message each one presents is constant throughout.

This message is Jesus core teachings which can be broken up into four categories: 1.Gods love of us
2.The Kingdom of Heaven
3.Loving God
4.Loving thy neighbour

1.Most religions center around Divine entities which are essentially paternal and protective of those who believe in them. Jesus Christianity was no different, it attracted many people because it had a singular God who’s major focus was the welfare of his people. Constantly Jesus stressed that their God loved each of them equally and no man in God’s eyes was greater then any other man. Jesus preached this to his people through a literary form known as a parable.

A parable is a picture painted by the speaker using words. The fundamental importance of the use of parables was that they were open for interpretation. They never told the people what they should think, rather they were open ended and people derived from them what they wanted to. Also the parables were pictures of every day things that haven’t changed over the 2000 years since Jesus’ death....
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